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Geotextile Fabric


Carthage Mills FX-Series

Carthage FX Series of geotextiles provide immediate and cost-effective solutions for everyday separation and stabilization applications and are among the most frequently used geotextiles in the industry.

Specific Applications Include:  Parking Lots; Driveways; Streets; Railways; Roadways; Storage and Staging Areas; Board Roads; Construction Site Access/Haul Roads


Carthage Mills FX-HS Series

Carthage Mills' FX-HS Series of nonwoven geotextiles are among the most commonly used nonwovens today, and provide immediate and cost-effective solutions for many separation drainage, protection and filtration applications.

Specific Applications Include: Subsurface Drainage Systems; Under Riprap/Hard Armor in Erosion Control; Separation under Streets, Railways, Roadways and pavers; Swalles; Filtration/Drainage in SRW and Landfill Applications; Under Athletic Fields